St. Paul’s Self Help Group has brought together over 700 members, who have saved a share capital of over Ksh. 55M creating a pool from which they can borrow affordable loans to better address their economic needs.
We are a forum for savings mobilisation, access to affordable loans, Networking and Financial growth.
Everyone is eligible for an account. We have Savings Account for Adults, Little Angels account for Children and Group Account for Chamas, companies and organisations.

Vision: To advance the social and financial well-being of our members and community.
Mission: To offer diverse and innovative financial services that promote the financial well-being of our members.


St. Paul’s Self Help Group was registered in the year 2000 under the Archdiocese of Nairobi Social Promotion Trustees (Caritas Nairobi – Self Help Program).
The accumulated share capital of Ksh. 55m+ has been invested in loans to members, Treasury bills, Treasury Bonds, Corporate bonds and Fixed Income Deposits.

Why Join ?

  • Your Savings earn dividends at the end of every financial year.
  • Permissive saving culture (Your ability, Your plan, Your goal).
  • Numerous mediums of saving money into your account (M-pesa, Direct Banking, Cheques, Standing Orders, EFTs and RTGS).
  • Apply for a loan by email and we will bank for you the cheque in your bank account.
  • Loan processing in less than 7 Days.
  • Emailed Statements, every month.
  • We facilitate your network by organising several networking meetings in a year.
  • Friendly and dedicated services.
  • All age groups are covered.

Grow Your Savings

  1. Save as many times in a month. Build your account as per Your ability, Your plan, Your goal.
  2. Your savings will earn dividends at the end of every financial year.
  3. Qualify for a loan of up to 3 times your savings.
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