Investment groups

  1. We shall facilitate your network
  2. Once you join the self-help group, we will also place you in an investment group made of a few tens of members where you can chat, exchange ideas and form network necessary for guarantorship and maybe business.
  3. There are 14 investment groups, and each has a WhatsApp group managed by the self-help group.
  4. We also use the same WhatsApp groups to disburse official communication.
  5. We will facilitate a few networking meetings in a year for members to meet and exchange ideas, network and learn more about St. Paul’s Self Help Group.
  6. If members with common interests, and they exceed 20 happen to join, i.e. CWA, Choir, Chamaz, work mates, friends, etc. we can create for them their own Unique Investment group.
...together we grow....spiritually , socially and economically .

Investment Ideas

What to consider

  • Your passion.
  • Free time you have to attend to the investment.
  • Capital requirement.
  • Return on investment– short or long term.
  • Whether investment is Labour intensive.
  • Impact of external influence on investment.
  • Market, technical and social feasibilities.
  • financial budget.

Investment ideas

  • Form a business group among SHG members of say 7—15 members and register an investment company to buy and sell land.
  • Borrow loan to start moderate/low demand farming e.g • macadamia nuts.
  • Bee keeping.
  • Hay crop.
  • Be a supplier to schools, factories, and institutions.
  • Buy and sell unique items online.
  • Trade in securities.
  • Your own idea(s).