provision of affordable loans to members Annual distributable surplus on members' savings Facilitating member networks and capacity building

St. Paul Self Help Group was registered and established in the year 2000 as an agent of socio promotion registered trustees (SPRT) –Archdiocese of Nairobi, under Caritas Nairobi Economic Empowerment Programme to carry out socio- economic development with the aim of empowering its members economically.

Over time, the self-help group membership has grown to over 1000 members as of January 2022. The members have created a savings pool of above US$1.1 million (Ksh. 122 million) from which they can borrow loans at very minimal interest rates and friendly terms to meet their economic needs. Excess funds are invested in securities through Caritas Nairobi to maximize members distributable surplus on savings.



Grow savings by 20% every year achieving total members savings of Ksh. 177 million by year 2023.
Grow member numbers by 20% every year to achieve a membership of 1432 by year 2023.
Deliver annual surplus on savings. Yield to members year on year.  Achieve a balanced investment portfolio of money saved: 50% loans to members and 50% securities investments through Caritas Nairobi.

Registered & established in the year 2000

The self help group was registered in the year 2000 as an agent of Caritas Nairobi Self Help Programme to carry out socio-economic development to improve the welfare of it’s members. Members have come together and created a savings pool from which they can borrow loans at very minimal interest rates and friendly terms to better address their economic needs


We dynamically and innovatively promote the social economic welfare of our members by offering diverse and affordable financial services.

Passion to go the extra mile to delight our customers, build long term relationship and tailor products to meet their needs.

Fair business practices, accountability, transparency & fairness.

Technology, partnership.

Cooperate to achieve the purpose of the self-help group.

Honesty in dealings, safeguarding members interests and funds.

Service to all.


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